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Surprise Your Siblings With These Easy PranksSurprise Your Siblings With These Easy Pranks

Surprise Your Siblings With These Easy Pranks

Apr 30, 2022

Having deep conversations and keeping each other's secrets can be a huge indicator that you and your siblings have a healthy relationship with each other. However, there's no better way to strengthen your relationship with your siblings than to make fun of them. The connection should have a little spice of fun! It's the best when you guys get competitive with each other. Who can't resist the sweet taste of revenge?!

You've landed on the right page if you are here to find hilarious pranks to turn the tables! Make your siblings scream, laugh or even cry for help through these harmless pranks listed on this page.

Surprise attack!

This one is a fun prank! Your first step will be picking the best sibling as your victim if you have two or more siblings. Next is choosing the right time for the prank. It would be best if you guys were alone in the house; it would add a more horrifying vibe. Then, go hide in a closet far away from where they are. Then, using your cell phone, call the house quietly. When your sibling answers the phone, tell them you need them to check on something in your closet. Then, when they open the closet door, leap out and yell, "boo!" We guess you'll have to endure their future revenge pranks on you after this one!

Fake brownies

It's not always a good idea to annoy a hungry brother or sister; however, this could be one of the most creative pranks out there you could do! A warm, freshly baked brownie is a comfort food staple for many people. Make brownies resembling the real thing to fool your loved ones. Sponge the entire area with enough clean sponges in a pan. Using chocolate frosting, create the illusion of a baking sheet by covering the sponges. Tell your siblings to take one of the chocolate-covered sponges that you've drenched in sprinkles.

Condiment Swap

This would be a perfect prank on your sister who loves to eat a bowl of cereal with sugar every morning--swap sugar with salt. You can also use this practical joke on your sibling, who likes eating a hotdog sandwich with mustard. Dress up the mustard container with ranch dressing by putting ranch dressing in the mustard container. Replace the condiments that your sibling uses the most frequently. Nobody will get the meal they were expecting.

Creepy Critters

This is a classic prank because all you need to do is a couple of fake bugs to scare your siblings! To scare your sibling, place a fake plastic bug under her pillow or on her stack of mashed potatoes. If you know that your brother or sister will be following this prank up with a full-speed-ahead attack in your direction, make sure they aren't paying attention when you hide the creepy-crawly lookalikes.

Bucket of Water

Place a bucket of water over a door. Simply open a door partially and lay a bowl of water above it so that it lies between the wall and the top of the door. When your brother opens it, he'll be having an unplanned bath! This works well in the kitchen or another area of your home where it doesn't matter if you get water everywhere. And, hey, if you can do it using ice-cold water, that's even better!

The Light Switch

This prank on siblings would work well if they've just woken up and are still a bit groggy. Early in the morning, cover the light switches with transparent tape. Make sure you wake up before any of your siblings first! With this trick, they would wonder why none of the lights works!

Chaotic Drawer

Change the contents of their drawers; a chaotic drawer it is. Enter their room and either switch up their drawers, if possible, or work to move the contents of one drawer into another until you've switched up everything. They'll be absolutely perplexed, which is an excellent and unexpected joke. You can also benefit from rummaging through their belongings while at it! If they ask if you've gone inside their room, just act as if you haven't.

Never-ending Toothpaste Joke

A prank war between siblings can be sparked by anything lying around the house, provided you put your imagination to good use. Using toothpaste to pull pranks is a simple and enjoyable way to have a good time. Make your sibling's teeth rainbow-colored by sprinkling some drops of food coloring into the toothpaste tube. Pranks are less enjoyable when they result in a week-long suspension from school!

Moreover, you can create toothpaste Oreos! We get it; who doesn't love Oreos? This prank works best on younger siblings eager to get their hands on some yummy snacks. Gently remove the filling from the Oreos by squeezing them between your fingers. Put some plain white toothpaste inside the chocolate biscuits and let them sit for a few minutes. Everything should be as clean and tidy as possible. Watch your sibling's reactions as they take a bite, or maybe record it?!

Cover Every Bottle of Shampoo

Open the bottles of shampoo and conditioner and cover them with plastic. Reinstall the shower cap and wait for the next member of the family to enter. Trying to wash their hair will be a frustrating experience for them. They'll likely squeeze the bottle hard enough that all of the contents will spill out. Your parents surely did this prank on their siblings a few years back!


Prank calling could be the easiest yet cruelest prank on siblings you could ever do! You just need a phone and your victim's number. After that, prepare the scenario! You can ask your sibling for things not available in the house, so they would keep looking for them. Or you can make an anonymous call to them to freak them out! If you don't know which situation you should use, or if you can't make your call anonymous, you can always download a prank call app! This app from Ownage Pranks never disappoints--from prank call scripts to making your calls anonymous. You can prank anyone, anytime!

When playing pranks on friends, family, or anyone else, keep in mind that the goal of a joke is to make someone laugh, not to cause them pain. Never do anything that could cause harm to another person, whether it's a bodily injury or an emotional scar. You are the greatest person to judge your siblings' sense of humor and tolerance for certain situations. Make sure to make everyone laugh!

As always, happy pranking!


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