Prank Call Your Friends For Some Fun Times With Our Free Prank Apps!

Prank Calling App - Download Our Ownage Pranks
Free Calling App and Have Fun Pranking Your Friends

Instantly become the ultimate Prank Caller among your friends with the best pranking app there is. Prank whoever you want with Ownage Pranks’ Hilarious Prank Call App. You can also get your daily dose of pranks for more fun times.

Fake Number App - Prank Your Friends With a Fake Phone Number


Don’t risk getting caught by using Ownage Pranks’ Fake Number App. Mask your real number with a fake one to prank your friends. Ownage Pranks provide its users with fake phone numbers regardless of area code. With a Fake Number App, you can use different numbers to prank call your friends. The best part? You won’t get caught! Unless you tell them afterwards.

Prank Call Soundboard - Become a Prankster - Follow Ownage Pranks and Partake in the Madness

Make Pranking loads easier by Pranking your friends with our Free Online Soundboard! Prank your friends with the push of a button. With Ownage Pranks, pranking is now as easy as 1,2,3.

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Voice Changer - Be The Number One Prank Caller Among Your Friends

Change your voice and prank your friends with Ownage Pranks’ Voice Changer Feature. Be creative with this feature and just have fun while getting your daily fix of laughs.

Voice Generator - Send Out Prank Calls To Everyone You Know.

Choose from a variety of voice generators to poke some fun at your friends and family members. Prank calling could not be more fun and yet so much easier with Ownage Pranks.


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it was si funny
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