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Dont Call Me Stupid Okay Do You Tink Im AWoman Duh Yes What Is Duh Probrem Du Yes Its For Me Give Me More Discounting... How You Doing Today I Am Kind Of Bad I Call Back In Two Minute I Cant Hear You I Dun Get It I Gon To Come In Like... I Speak English What Is... I Speak Vietnamese I Talk To Somebody Hang... I Tell My Husband Milk... I Tell You Bic Boy It Is Not Its B It Very Hurt My Feelings I Will Give You The Good... K Let Me Look Here At My... Listen To Me No Im Not Inside Now No IWork In The Chinese... Oh Okay ISee Oh Shit Oh Shit2 Okay Okay IFinish Okay ILove You Okay Okay Hurry Up Okay Yeah Good Wan Ok Exellent Thank You Ok Love You Ok Ok Ok Ok Right Thank You Very Mut Thats ASo Funny You Know Thats ASo Much Money Thats Excerrent Thats It They Know How To Suck Cock They Take It They Take... U Know Just Chilling U RLike A2 Pump Chump We Can Puff Puff Passing Why Not Dun Be Stingy Yeah IThink We Got... Yes IWould Rove One Please You Make Confuse Right Now You Scratch My Boosack... You Think Im Stupid You... You Very Confusious You Know Buk Lau But Why Not Calm Down Come With Cash Money100... Das ABoo Shit Das AToo Much Money Das So Much Money Dee Yes Delicious Lets Do It