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I Come On My Razor... I Cum Right Now IGoing... I Fuck You Today Fuck... I Gon To Lick Your Anoose I Want To Suk Yo Cock Today Lika Sam Boo Dee Fuck... Make Fun Of My Tootsie Roll Mother Fucker What Is... Scared Mutha Fucka So Anoy Very Anoy Sound Like AGirl Like Me Stick To Sucking Cock Bitch Stop Scream Stupid Muda Fuka Take Two Chop Stick... Talk To Somebody Whos... What You Say To Me IKill You Why Do You Hang Up On Me... Why You Have To Insult... You Are Being Lazy You Are Being Muda... You Are Muda Fucking... You Are The Compulsive Liar You Are The Pedofile Lady You Are Very Stupid Shit You Dont Want To Help Me You Fuck You Bitch You Make Fun Of My... You Suck My Cock Today You Tink IScared Of You You Try To Make Fun Me Are You ARetard One Or... Are You ARetard One Or... B IG BO Y Creary Is ARetard One Customer Is Always Right Dont Be Sutupid Dun Be Asshole Dun Be Like Stingy Or Razy Food Sucks Dont Get My... Fuck2 UMan IKill UIn Da Head Fuck To You Stupid Ass