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Food & Drink
Fortune Cookie Not AGood One Free Slurpy Instead Give Me ABox Of Fortune... Give You Two Egg Roll How About5 Dorra And... How Much Money Is Dee... I Buy The Food Today I Come In On Free Slurpy Day I Feel Like So Hungry So... I Want11 Plus89 Onehundred Large Orange Chicken Egg... No Not The Cup The Cock No The Cock Was Empty One Order Beef And Broccoli One Order Cream Of Some... One Order Negro Noodle One Order Of The Suk... One Order Pad Thai Noodle One Order Poo Poo Platter One Order Tampon Tea One Slurpy Costs10 Cent Oo Oo Pad Thai Noodle Orange Chicken Sesame Chicken Bic Boy Shoeshine Chicken Slurpee Alarm Wee Woo Srurpee Not In Stock Swine Flu Chicken Thee Order Of Duh Cock... Two Cocks Big Wan Two Order Of Dee Orange... Two Order Of Dee Spring Roll You Have ACock And Sprye... You Have To Give Me... Can You Give Me Cock... Chicken Pork Beef Chinese Restaurant We... Cock In Stock Do You Have ABig Cock Today Do You Have ATampon Tea Do You Have Some Young... Duh Cock Not In Stock Duh Suk ADik Chicken Food Ready With...