This Prank Call Was Done Automatically!
Check out this prank call that was pulled off AUTOMATICALLY using our app!This prank call was pulled off AUTOMATICALLY using our app!

Check out this prank call that was pulled off AUTOMATICALLY using our app!



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Rakesh Boiling Point Pizza Order

The most annoying customer ever orders a pizza. See how fast you can get them to rage!


Our speech recognition technology automates prank calls...

People can't tell you're using a prank app, they think they're speaking with a real, live human!

Silence Detection

Silence Detection

Our algorithm detects when the prospect stops talking

Real Time Analysis

Real Time Analysis

Ownage Pranks analyses speech in real time and recognizes spoken keywords

AI Response

AI Response

Our AI plays the right response at the right time to make the prank call sound real

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Dennis Is Your Refrigerator

heavybutterfly113: Oh my gosh


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