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Hitting On The Wife Of A Barber Shop - Prank Call!

Jun 24, 2018 740.8K views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo
Prank Victim: Barber Shop
Rage Level: Mellow

Barber shop prank call on the whole family!

Best quotes: 

  • “Yeah I got some super glue in the back and I got plenty of hair on the floor, we can probably figure something out.”
  • “I'll be coming by for a drive by viewing of- of your deliciousness so I'll see you soon.”
  • “I feel like it would hurt so much, like to corn roll this ball sack.”

Body of content:

A friend of this barber shop owner asked me to prank call him and say I was someone who had slept with his wife while on vacation in Cancun. Not only did the barber get riled up by the prank call, but his wife and even their kid got in on it too! Turns out Abdo might be more entertaining than he is threatening, and this call turned out hilarious! Want to hear more barber shop pranks? Tell me in the comments!


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[phone ringing]

Guy: [censored] how can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah, hello, I was just calling to make an appointment for a hair cutting?

Guy: Uh... Okay, for today or tomorrow? Or...

Pranker: Uh, t-to tomorrow would be great, I was just wondering a-are you guys good with Middle Eastern hair? Like do you guys do good-

Guy: [laughing] are you being serious?

Pranker: Di- did I say a joke or something?

Guy: What’s middle eastern hair, what's that look like? Is it like yellow? Is it pink? Is it-

Pranker: Wait! No it- th-th=the issue is my hair line has been receding for a little bit and I have like a wedding tomorrow. So I wanted to see like, you know...

Pranker: ... get creative, like just-

Guy: Uhm... Yeah I got some super glue in the back and I got plenty of hair on the floor, we can probably figure something out.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, I know but like something that will last a- and won't look like crap, right like, so like I- I-

Guy: [laughing]

Lady: Hello?

Pranker: Yeah, hello habibi how are you?

Lady: Hi, how are you?

Pranker: I- I'm so good, thanks. Tell me ho-how much would it cost to get like a good weave or whatever the call it just for like a temporary, for two-three days you know...

Pranker: ... will go f-for the wedding?

Lady: You wan- Oh, you want a weave?

Pranker: If that's what they call it? I don't know, but for guy, like just like yo- eh- to kind of b-

Lady: No we- men don't typically get weaves.

Pranker: Oh, what is the male version of the weaving?

Lady: If you- if you just stop in and ask for Eddie, he- he could help you out.

Pranker: Okay but Sarah, like I would rather feel your nice supple hands on my back more so than Eddie, so what do you think about that?

Lady: [laughing] Uh, no, I actually have hands like, I have tones of calluses on my hand, so...

Pranker: Oh!

Lady: ... that probably wouldn't feel so good on your head.

Pranker: It will almost feel like a back scratch right, like uh you know you scratch my back, I scratch yours

Lady: I know, yeah but here I'll put you on with him, hold on one second.

Pranker: Ok, ok, great!

[indistinctive chattering]

Lady: You are on speaker right now, go ahead.

Pranker: Oh, okay, e- Eddie, can you hear me?

Guy: Uh, yes I can... I can hear you.

Pranker: Hello my brother, honestly man I-I-I was gonna come clean but I was just looking for an excuse to see Sarah again.

Pranker: The last time I saw her was in Cancun a few years ago.

Guy: Oh, okay really? [speaking in the background] He's talking about you, he wants to spend time with you.

Pranker: No but you did shots with me back in Cancun at a bar, remember? I'll come in man, I'm gonna keep an eye out for that sweet piece of ass Sarah, so I'll come by. Thanks guys.

Guy: He's gonna come by for that sweet piece of ass Sarah. I'm done.

Lady: What happened?

Lady: He wants that sweet piece of ass Sarah. Who is that?

Guy: I have no idea.

Lady: Hello?

Pranker: Yeah, Sarah y- is this you?

Lady: Yeah.

Pranker: Well okay I'll- I'll be coming by for a drive by viewing of- of your deliciousness so I'll see you soon.

Lady: Well you might wanna reconsider that.

Guy: What'd he say?

Pranker: Why?

Lady: He wants to come by for a view of my deliciousness! [laughing]

Lady: Yeah but how do you know I'm really delicious?

Pranker: From Cancun you styoopid! If- Cancun.

Lady: Did you just call me stupid?!

Pranker: Yeah, yeah I said stupid with Y.

Lady: Styoopid?

Pranker: Styoopid yeah.

Lady: Styoopid?

Pranker: Styoopid. Yeah.

Lady: Styoopid?

Pranker: Yeah, styoopid.

Lady: I have a seven year old here that can say stupid correct.

Pranker: We- well let's hear it then, prove me wrong. Go ahead. How do you say it right seven year old man?

Kid: Stupid!

Lady: See that's how you say stupid. Not styoopid.

Pranker: Wait how- how do you say it?


Pranker: Look- eh- you- you told me Eddie was a no good bum and you stroke my Middle Eastern hair and you said you wish Eddie had hair like me and then now I'm bald too, I feel like you jinxed me!

Lady: [laughing] Wait I ran my- I ran my fingers through your luscious locks?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah but I used to have luscious whatever but now it's- it's g- half of it is gone. That's why I want to come help have you fix it.

Lady: Oh, that's why you want the weave?

Pranker: I just want you to touch me again, so I can feel like I've been touched by an angel, you understand?

Lady: When I think about you I touch myself.

Pranker: Oh! Where do you touch yourself uh- downstairs?

Lady: [laughing] He said "downstairs"? [chuckles] "downstairs?" [laughing]

Pranker: Yeah, because I- you know I just trim my garden downstairs [stuttering] so I'm ready. You know I- I- My body is ready.

Lady: Wait, am I putting weave downstairs on you too?

Pranker: Uh, no it's o- I'm okay with balding down there! [laughing]

Lady: [laughing]

Pranker: So-

Lady: I mean, yeah. I can definitely cornrow it.

Pranker: Yeah, no but I don't know if it- I feel like it would hurt so much, like to corn roll this ball sack. It sounds very very very sensitive.

Lady: The ballsack?

Pranker: Yeah.

Lady: [laughing] he's gotta ballsack!

Pranker: Yeah, well but- is- is this what they call it right? The scroll- scrotee?

Lady: [laughing]

Pranker The scrotee and the ballsack right?

Lady: Ballsack!

Pranker: Is is scrotee or uh- whic one is the right medical one? scrotee or the ballsack?

Lady: [laughing] Scrotee? You got a pair of dice a scrotee!

Pranker: [stuttering] yeah- well look I- my- my- my scrotee's all already shaved.

Lady: [laughing] "My scrotee-" [laughing]

Pranker: Yeah- So how about you, me and my scrotee hop on the plane and go to Dubai together?

Lady: [laughing] you, me... [laughing] scrotee... [indistinctive chattering]

Pranker: Yeah, so, so habibi wh-what do you think about that?

Lady: I think you're a little weird. [laughing]

Pranker: [sigh] Okay, so like I said I would love to come by, I'm gonna come drive by right now and just take a look, maybe you can start sweeping, pick some stuff off the ground just so I can see the- the delicousness nice, you know like, very good!

Lady: [laughing] Okay. Yeah I- I- hasta luego.

Pranker: Okay, just make- make sure you get like a handheld sweeper so you have to bend at the waist

Lady: Hasta luego.

Pranker: [phone call ends] H- hello?

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] That was so ridiculous!

[phone ringing]

Lady: [censored] Styles?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah Sarah, I just want to come clean and tell you one last thing, it's very important, before I go, ok?

Lady: Sure.

Pranker: You know I talk to you about my scrottee and all this stuff and I feel bad you know I- I feel like it's kind of disrespectful...

Pranker: So I'm gonna come clean and let you know that this whole thing and the playful and all that...

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: ... was just a prank, set up by one of your friends.

Lady: Okay.

Pranker: Can you guess who?

Lady: Uhm, probably Jason.

Pranker: Why would you say Jason?

Lady: Because he always pranks me.

Pranker: Got you. Well honestly you were hilarious, that was super funny, just for some context, I didn't want you to think that some random crazy Arab man was calling you and harrass you guys so...

Pranker: ... I want to give you a quick shout, but my name is Russell, I'm a voice actor and I have a YouTube channel with uh- bunch of different prank calls.

Pranker: So it's kind of like my wheelhouse. And he actually sent in a request to me and it was Jason, yeah.

Lady: [laughing] I figured as much, we had the whole barber shop on speak- you on speaker phone too [laughing]

Pranker: Oh my God! I hope you guys got some tips out of that because that was just obnoxious!

[both laughing]

Lady: Oh my God that was- that was a good one!


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