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Hilarious Anonymous Pranks On Omegle!

Oct 23, 2013 5.4M views 0 comments

Category: Omegle pranks
Format: Omegle video
Characters: Buk Lau, Russell, Tyrone, Rakesh
Prank Victim: Omegle users
Rage Level: Feel-good

Omegle users get owned in anonymous live prank!

Best quotes: 

  • “Can you put your chicken tikka masala away first?”
  • “If you want to say ‘I AM VERY BEAUTIFUL’ you say ‘HALUM YAY MO YEH!’”
  • “Everytime I hit the ‘next’ I see somebody try to do the EXPLOOOSION for me!”

Body of content:

My first Omegle anonymous prank compilation was so popular that I had to do more - and this one might be even better than the first! Omegle is a strange corner of the Internet with plenty of weirdness to offer, and I definitely found some interesting people for this compilation! Don’t worry, you’re spared anything TOO creepy but not any of the funniest moments!

I bought an ultra realistic mask of an Asian man to wear for these Omegle pranks to keep myself anonymous. One of the best parts about the Omegle pranks is using a voice people expect based on the mask, Buk Lau in this case, and then completely freaking them out by switching voices! I don’t usually get to see the hilarious facial expressions when doing normal prank calls. 

Which one of these people made you laugh the most? What other character masks would you like to see in the future? Tell me in the comments below!


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Pranker: I'm back! Let's do this!

Pranker: How is your time on the Omegle today?

Stranger1: Wonderful, what about you?

Pranker: Do you see a lot of people STROKE-A-DAY noodle?

Pranker: I don't like that you know, is a very- VERY UPSETTING TO ME!

Pranker: Everytime I hit da 'Next' I see someboody try to do da EXPLOSION!

Pranker: For me! I'm like WUT DA HELL YOU DOING?

Pranker: I don't want to SEE THIS! You know?

Stranger2: Jackie Chan hoh?

Pranker: Do you try to MAKE FUN ME?

Stranger2: No hoh! Yeah- SMALL BALLS you know?

Pranker: Hey look I have something for you okay?

Pranker: FARK TO YOU!

Pranker: I cha- today I just got UPGRADED!

Pranker: I got my YELLOW BELT today! At karate class!

Pranker: I had to do the CARTWHEEL. Very hard for me.

Pranker: Why you up so late at night?

Stranger1: Can't sleep.

Pranker: Okay so when you cannot sleep, you like to see guys, touch their TOOTSIE


Pranker: You are the, YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL KNEE CAP!

Pranker: You know? It very, TURN ME ON!

Stranger3: NO I DON'T!

Pranker: You ha- I- I want to...

Pranker: TICKLE YOUR KNEECAP! You know?

Stranger3: You want to tickle MY WHAT?

Pranker: YOUR KNEE CAPS! You know?

Stranger3: MY LEE CATS, you know?

Pranker: DA KNEE CAP!

Pranker: Right, right...

Stranger3: Yeah!

Pranker: I want to SPRINKLE THE SOY SAUCE! And do the...

Pranker: Ay, yo what’s good brother?

Pranker: Yeah my fellow ASIAN BROTHER DAWG!

Pranker: I like that! GIMME DAP!

Pranker: Ay, you Asian? I'm Asian dawg!

Pranker: OHH, SEVEDAVAH SKILLA HUH? How do you say it?

Stranger4: ''Svedka''

Pranker: Are you touching your TOOTSIE ROLL or sumfing?


Pranker: Hello my friend! YOU LIKE TO TOUCH IT? You like to touch THE HOT DOGGIE?

Stranger5: Yeah...

Pranker: ALRIGHT! You like to touch, you like to, beat the meat? Right?

Stranger5: Yeah...

Pranker: Okay so you are, ONE CREEPY MOTHER FARKER right?

Stranger5: Yeah...

Pranker: Okay alright, I-I THOUGHT SO, RIGHT? OH HO!

Pranker: Right.

Pranker: I guess that I don't need that though!

Pranker: Now you like a samboodee

Pranker: That I used to know,

Pranker: SOMEBODY!

Pranker: Now you! LIKE A SUMBO- OH MY GOD.

Pranker: Hello?

Pranker: How are you doing today?

Stranger5: What's your name?

Pranker: WHAT?

Stranger5: What's your name?

Pranker: Can you put your-your CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA AWAY FIRST?

Pranker: Where are you from?

Stranger6: Uhh, England.

Pranker: I-I like that!Ca-can you try to teach me, uh...

Pranker: ... one or two word with the, right accent?

Stranger6: [confused].

Stranger6: Not sure if I can, truth be told,

Pranker: How the- if you want to tell a girl ''I WANT TO DO THA FARKING FROM DA


Pranker: What do you say to her?

Stranger6: Eh.. What do I say to her?

Pranker: Right! If you want to, do like-

Pranker: '' I want to do the, do the sexy thing with you'' what do you say?

Stranger6: Ehm...

Stranger6: It varies based on the, the uh. female involved!

Pranker: Is it something like uh, is it something like...

Pranker: '' I would like to penetrate you!''

Stranger6: Yeah, yeah!

Pranker: Uh okay, alright, great!

Pranker: Hello!!

Stranger7: Huh!


Stranger7: Do you like cats?

Pranker: I DO! I love it!

Stranger7: EW!

Pranker: Do you want me to teach you some LANGUAGE? My language?

Stranger7: Yeah!

Psychic: Okay. If you want to say '' I AM VERY BEAUTIFUL '' you say, HALUM YAY MO


Stranger7: La meh boo gleh?

Pranker: You say A-LUM YAY MO YEH!

Stranger7: Allum yuh moh yeeh?

Pranker: A-LUM YAY MO YEH!

Stranger7: Allum nay moh yeh?

Pranker: Thet’s a very good one! Fist bump!


Stranger7: [giggles]

Pranker: OHH MY GOD.

Stranger7: [mocking] Oh my god


Stranger7: Hey arsehole, hey arsehole guess what?

Pranker: WHAT?


Pranker: That's great! I don't give a crap!

Stranger7: Guess what?

Pranker: What?

Stranger7: I'm racist.

Pranker: Guess what?

Pranker: I'm not actually Asian.


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