Prank whoever you want with Ownage Pranks’ Hilarious Prank Calling App!

Instantly Become The
Ultimate Prank Caller with our
Prank Call App

Automatically prank your friends and 
family anonymously - with the push of a button! Available on Google Play and App Store.

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Ownage Pranks App

Our speech recognition technology automates prank calls...

People can't tell you're using a prank app, they think they're speaking with a real, live human!

Silence Detection

Our algorithm detects when the prospect stops talking

Real Time Analysis

Ownage Pranks analyses speech in real time and recognizes spoken keywords

AI Response

Our AI plays the right response at the right time to make the prank call sound real

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Free Prank Call App Download for iPhone & Android | Ownage Pranks

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