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Start a Prank War With Your Friends With These Hilarious Tik Tok PranksStart a Prank War With Your Friends With These Hilarious Tik Tok Pranks

Start a Prank War With Your Friends With These Hilarious Tik Tok Pranks

May 31, 2022

To begin, Tik Tok is a social video-sharing platform that allows users to make short videos and share them with their friends and followers. The app not only gives limitless scrolling and awesome content, but it also provides some great ideas for activities active users would always want to give a shot! As a TikTok user, you'll never run out of new ways to prank your friends or join in the next viral trend.

Moreover, Tik Tok is based on a powerful recommendation algorithm, which ensures that users are always presented with content they are most interested in--this algorithm also allows users to be viral in one snap! If you are up to posting the funniest prank on this platform, we've put up a list for you!

Tik Tok Prank Ideas

Pranks have always gained a lot of engagement from viewers, which is why everyone is so invested in creating or pulling tricks. Some even go out of their way, and some just use simple tricks. Regardless, every prank video makes everyone laugh! So here are some ideas you surely would want to try!

Film Me Dancing

Your prank victim could be your significant other or one of your closest friends. Normally, a Tik Tok user uses their front camera to record their videos; but they use the rear camera when someone else does it for them. And in this prank, you're going to have your victim film you by just holding your phone. They know you are using your front camera; that's why the phone's facing you. Little do they know that the camera's on them! You'd be able to film their candid reaction to your dance UP CLOSE! Wouldn't it be fun?!

Fake Facetime Call


Are our lovers up for a Tik Tok prank? Here goes: let's find out if your boyfriend can easily get jealous. Make it sound like another man is calling you with this audio filter on Tiktok. Ladies, be careful: There's a story going around TikTok that a sound bite with the genders reversed is hitting the rounds. You have been forewarned!


You can also do this prank on your brothers, like this video above, and watch their hilarious reaction when they hear someone is hitting on you!


Nakedly enter the room and record your partner's hilarious reaction as they are working, playing video games, or chillin' on a Zoom call with their boss (this could be the cruelest idea ever!). You'll not only have a hilarious TikTok, but you'll spice up an afternoon in quarantine with some sensual spontaneity, which is really all we need right now.

Really really sorry for all our single people out there! Why not do this to your roommates, or would that make things awkward?! Nonetheless, these happy couples will surely enjoy this prank!

Let's Break Up 

Song lyric pranks have been there for ages, and we are not even complaining! Try sending your partner a song's lyrics to see whether they catch on or if they play into your genius. The words to Troy and Gabriella's "Gotta Go My Own Way" from High School Musical 2 have been widely used, so yeah, your relationship is going to get rather interesting.

However, if you are not in a relationship right now, you can try other song lyrics on your friends! There are lots of lyrics available online, and it would be best to choose a song that is not too popular, so they would fall into your trap!

No Brows

The "thin eyebrows" filter, which has been used in over 206k videos on TikTok, is utilized in the "eyebrow" prank. This is a two-step prank, where girlfriends are convincing their partners to let them run the dull end of a dermaplane razor across their eyebrow bone and then show them their new look via the front-facing camera with a filter that makes their brows look as if they did in the 90s.

Pasta Back Crack

This one is sure to get the other person all worked up. Grab a couple of pieces of pasta and insert them at the back of your mouth between your top and bottom teeth. Crack your back with the help of a friend. Bite down when they do. Someone who is cracking the pasta will hear the sound and think they have done something wrong.

Prank Call

A prank call; your phone will suffice. A script is required to make the flow of the conversation more realistic and lifelike. For example, call a friend and tell them they did something wrong, or call them and claim you called their number by accident while conversing with someone else about them. If you suspect you'll stutter while speaking with a friend, download a prank call app. From prank call scripts to making the call anonymous, this app from Ownage Pranks has everything you need for a successful prank call.

Make sure to record it to upload it on Tiktok!

TikTok Challenges

Enough with the tricks and stunts; how 'bout we go creative and participate in these Tiktok challenges? 

Waking Up In The Morning

"Waking Up In The Morning" is the iconic sound people use to share their embarrassing moments. A lot has participated in this challenge WORLDWIDE, and it surely made everyone laugh. 

Here is an example, this is a video from Will Smith.


Now Look At This

With this prank, you will share a funny video you found on the internet. You can use a very old weird, or funny video. 


Tell Me Without Telling Me

The script goes like, "Tell me your boyfriend won't cheat on you without telling me he won't cheat on you," then show a video of your boyfriend being all lovey-dovey. Here are some samples you might want to watch:



This video is from a KPop Girl Group Twice. Tzuyu is known to be the tallest among the members. 


While on this video, Reese Witherspoon starts her own version of this prank. Hello, Legally Blonde fans!

Are you done reading? Make sure you keep the challenges and pranks as harmless as they could possibly be. Are you ready now? Go, little rockstar!


As always, happy pranking!


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