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Stay Up All Night With These Night Time Pranks!Stay Up All Night With These Night Time Pranks!

Stay Up All Night With These Night Time Pranks!

Jun 8, 2021

Do you know what they always say? The nighttime is for the poets, the dreamers, and most of all - the pranksters.

The owls are cooing, the neighborhood streets are dark and silent, and people are off to dreamland. Never miss out on all the opportunities to pull off any funny prank idea when half of the world is sleeping! The best time to make a prank is when your victim least expects it. So what better time can you strike than when they are asleep and vulnerable?

Before you mess with anyone in the nighttime, remember that people aren’t the friendliest version of themselves when they’ve just woken up. Get ready to be screamed at by your poor victim who's enjoying their dreams. Don't tell us we didn't warn you!

So if you want to know how to prank anyone during the nighttime, here's a list of sleepover pranks you can try for a night of fun!

Scream Mask Prank

If you've seen the movie Scream, you now know what mask we're talking about here! It's a creepy mask that's so simple yet so horrifying that it never fails to let anyone jump off in fear. You will need one of these for this prank. You may make a mask on your own or just buy a ready-made one online. It's up to you!

Once you have this mask already, find the perfect time of the night when you're sure your victim is already sleeping. Sneak inside their room wearing the mask while also wearing a hoodie or a blanket over your head. However, if your victim is a light sleeper, you might want to change the time prank and wait for a few more minutes before doing the mission. Nonetheless, here's what you'll do: Inch your face close to your victim's face and tickle their nose a little if he/she is a heavy sleeper. They will wake up in the middle of the night and see the mask first thing! Make sure to make a blood-curdling scream the moment they open their eyes for added dramatic effect!

Oops, we almost forgot-- make sure to record their reaction because your awesome prank should be a core memory!

Prank call

There may be lots of pranks you can do but, prank calls are a classic way to mess with anyone. Literally, anyone who has a phone. People are funny talkers, especially during the first minute after waking up. It’s throughout when we are still in a state where we confuse what makes sense with what doesn’t. It just happens to anyone. And another good thing nowadays is (at least for you). So you better take advantage of this time to send them a funny call before they can even get into their senses.

How can you do this? You can always try our Prank Call App and Spoof Call App, which can be readily downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store! Your phone will only be your ultimate prank kit; there's no need for costumes and materials! They will never know it’s you who’s messing with them because we will assign you with a random Caller ID that is entirely untraceable by the average Joe. (Well, unless you do something illegal - which we doubt!)

Don’t have your voice acting skills prepared? Or don’t have a prank prepared? Don’t worry because you can always choose from our many pre-made prank scripts that professional voice actors perform. All you need to do is listen behind your phone and let the Ownage unfold before you!

Alarm Clock Prank

You will need some time to prepare for this to be a perfect prank. First, you will need several old newspapers or cardboard to cover your victims' bedroom windows. The point is to make their room pitch-dark for later's main event. Next, get the noisiest and most annoying alarm clock you can find and set the alarm at around 3 A.M. or just any time of the night you're sure that your victim is asleep. Now, place the alarm clock under their bed. Once it rings at the set time, they will be so annoyed they'll try to find where the noise is coming from but won't see anything through the pitch-blackness!

Make this their most sleepless night ever! *evil laugh*

“Gotcha!” Prank

If you opt for a simple yet absolutely funny prank, you might want to try this one that is perfect for doing during a slumber party. When someone is sleeping, simply write "Gotcha!" on their forehead. That's it! They will never know it's there unless they look at the mirror. If they do, then the message is pretty straightforward - Gotcha!

Above the Elbow Drawing Prank 

We bet if we asked you how the area above your elbow looks, you wouldn’t be able to answer as fast as you can tell how the back of your hand looks. Why? That's because that's an area that's not often looked at. You need to twist your arm to get a decent look - which makes it the perfect place to draw on someone you want to prank in the nighttime! You simply need a marker and a creative mind in doing this harmless prank! You can remove anything you like there, like poop or even a standard drawing of a male genital. It's totally up to you! We bet they'll never know it unless they hear giggles from random people.

Gel Freezer Block Prank

This one is a simple bedroom prank that you can do to your siblings or parents. Get a gel freezer and let it freeze for a few hours. When someone is getting ready for bed, place a block (or as many as you like) under their covers. To get unnoticed, it's best to put them by the area where their feet rest. Once they're ready to get warm and cozy in their bed, they will be surprised by the sudden chilly blocks on their feet! We hope they're "cool" with it, though!

Bug Lamp Prank

If they're the kind of people to still use bedside lamps before sleeping, then this can be one of the most simple yet most hilarious pranks that you can do to them. In the morning, prepare little cutouts of realistic-looking bugs or roaches. They don't have to be overly realistic, just enough to mimic the real ones’ size, shape, and colors. Once you've done this, find the perfect timing to sneak inside their bedroom and stick all these pretend creepy crawlies in the insides of the lamp. Wait for them to open it at night, and they will be surprised by how infested their lamps are!

Shaving Cream Prank

This is, again, one of the funny pranks you can do to anyone who is asleep. It would be helpful if they have their dominant hand's palm facing upwards. Lightly put a generous amount of shaving cream onto it. Now, tickle their nose with a light object like a feather or just a few strands of your hair. Their subconscious will prompt them to scratch their nose with their dominant hand, and voila - they now have shaving cream on their face! Could they blame you, though? They're the ones who did the scratching, not you. They did this to themselves! (Kidding!)

Oreo Prank

Imagine how funny it would be to watch your friend's frustration and irritation after eating an oreo. Admit it, you people, the main reason you eat an oreo is to get to the cream in the center, so wouldn't it be a disappointment to tear one open and find that it isn't cream in the middle, but toothpaste instead? That's correct, this one will take a little time, but it sure will be entertaining to observe your friend's facial reaction (from a happy friend upon receiving an oreo to a frustrated friend) when they find out that you changed all the cream with toothpaste.

Sleeping Tomato Prank

If your victim is sleeping with any bottom with pockets, this can be a messy yet effective prank. Get some tomatoes in your kitchen, preferably the ones that are already soft and easy to squash. Carefully leave the tomato/es in their pocket while sleeping and let all their twisting and turning in their sleep do the work for all the squashing! Watch their bottoms as they wake up in the morning, and make sure to hold your laughter, so they'll never know it's you! (Or you can, it's up to you to take the consequences. Don't say we didn't warn you!)

Horror Movie Prank

There's no easy way to do this, but you will need a little bit of acting to be convincing enough for this prank. The key is to get freaky! Ever watched The Ring or The Grudge? Just pick any movie with long-haired female ghosts in it and try to emulate that! Better if your victim has only seen these horror movies recently! Now, you will need long hair. If you don't have one, you can always buy a wig online. Find the perfect time of the night to creep under their bed and crawl as scarily as you can! Some people even stay on top of cabinets, and we must say, that's impressive!

Baby Oil Prank

If you want to mess with your victim's subconscious again, you can try this easy prank that wouldn't require much effort. All you need is baby oil (or honestly, just any oil you can find is enough. As long as it comes with the same consistency.) Place a few drops on the toes of your sleeping victim, and that's it! Legend says that their subconscious will keep them up all night in an attempt to remove what's in their toes throughout the night. They will never know what's wrong in the first place, which will make it a lot more confusing for them. Kind of an evil way to play with someone in their sleep, huh? So make sure they don't have anything important planned the next day!

And these are the 11 best nighttime pranks to do to anyone. We are excited for you to try it. Good luck and happy pranking!

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