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Sister Gets Savage: How to Scare Your Older SisterSister Gets Savage: How to Scare Your Older Sister

Sister Gets Savage: How to Scare Your Older Sister

May 7, 2021

The good thing about having a big sis is when you’re playing around, and things go haywire that folks roughly are forced to choose sides, there’s a big possibility you’ll win. And why is that? An older age supposedly depicts more wisdom, costing your sister her most-dreaded “just be the bigger person” card. We’re not saying it’s a free pass to play a terrifying prank on her at least once, but hey, now that you think about it, it doesn’t sound THAT bad. So go ahead, be savage. Here are a few tricks on how to scare your older sister!

Tips on scaring older sister

Of course, you wouldn’t want to go to battle unprepared. After all, there’s a big possibility that she’ll loathe you for your naughty deed, and she’ll probably strike back with life-threatening revenge, depending on the impact of your prank. For what it’s worth, you only get one chance in a lifetime (since she’ll surely put her guards up next time!) — make it count through these tips.

Reflect upon her personality

Sure, you probably spent all your childhood sharing your fear of clowns and anything that has to do with snakes, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t outgrow these fears, nor did she learn how to handle it in a better way. Staging a scary prank should serve its purpose right, so zero in the ultimate trick by making sure you’ll get the best out of all her reactions, and a personality check will help you achieve just that.

Timing is everything

Take a cue from the best comedians of all time — timing is everything. Even and especially in pranks. Whether it’s by heightening the suspense or catching her at her most vulnerable time when she’s just finished a grueling horror movie marathon, the pacing and time of prank delivery play a critical role in hitting your victim’s Achilles heel in the fear department!

Record your prank whenever you can

An ultimate scare prank with your sister is not just something to laugh about at the expense of her fears but a fond memory to look back on. Best believe that when all is said and done when she has finally managed to bury the skeleton in the closet, this is a story you can share even in family gatherings! And in an age of pics or it didn’t happen, make sure to capture the precious moment in HQ!

Now that we’ve shared the three tips on staging your scary prank for big sis, on to the next step: SISTER GETS SAVAGE.

Best Pranks to Scare Older Sister

Prank Calls

Let’s start with a classic: no other than prank calls! Take your rigorous personality check to good use by coming up with a hilarious prank that’ll put your sister at the edge of her seat. Scare her out of buying things online by pretending to call from a high-end company: charging her credit card for an expensive, nonrefundable splurge that she made at 1 AM! For this to be believable, make sure to mention something on her shopping cart, the one she’s been saving up all her side hustle income for! Download the Ownage Spoof Call App to change your caller ID and experiment with different voices. Hearing her voice crack at a 6-digit purchase will surely be a wonder to behold!

Mess with her room

This works best for your neat freak sis, who organizes her things with labeled markers and basically has a walk-in closet that rivals those of Vanity Fair models. Time your prank as she leaves for an errand, and tape her priceless reaction upon returning and seeing her bed sheet stained and organizers placed into all the wrong places! It’ll surely drive her nuts to see the amount of chaos she’s never imagined for her sanctuary at home, so offer to help her clean up and cook her a topnotch meal to make up for your deed.

Fake Spiders

This prank is easy to plan and will probably have a higher likelihood of eliciting an instant scaredy-cat reaction. All you need are pieces of toy spiders, the ones little boys are oh so fond of, then hide them under the sheets of her perfectly-made bed! Pretend to have a little talk with her at night when she’s about to sleep and stage the biggest jumpscare.

Replace her shampoo with honey

Hair is a girl’s crowning glory, so ruin your sister’s chance at a fairytale romance by pranking her on her much-awaited date night with her crush. Empty her shampoo bottle and replace it with honey; then wait for her screams of annoyance (and agony) as she scours for a remedy for her sticky hair, which her date wouldn’t be so impressed by.

Hide her essential work files in a secret folder

This one’s a particularly evil act, especially if she’s dealing with an important client meeting, so make sure to stage this at a nerve-wracking but still forgiving time. Let’s say wait until there’s only a minute left before her meeting, then give in! She’d barely have enough time to strangle you for almost costing her job and will give you a chance to run for your life!

That’s it for our top picks on how to scare an older sister! While you want to get a priceless reaction from your prank, remember that she’s still human, so don’t go too far and keep it effective but lighthearted. No hard feelings, no awkward dinner talks at the family table.

Happy Pranking!


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