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Fun Things To Do With Friends on ZoomFun Things To Do With Friends on Zoom

Fun Things To Do With Friends on Zoom

May 7, 2021

A little over a year after the emergence of the coronavirus outbreak, many of us are still stuck in our homes practicing social distancing and staying away from crowded areas to steer clear of a deadly virus. Suddenly, the thought of house parties, club nights, and jam-packed concerts sounds like a thing of the past, buried deep on our Instagram story archives and Facebook stories. 

Amidst everything, humans are still social beings, and luckily for us, we have the technological tools such as video chat apps to keep ourselves virtually connected with our best buddies! Sure, there's nothing quite like the feeling of a massive group hug, but safety should always be first and foremost a top priority in unprecedented times like this. If you think you can't let the good times roll in a virtual hangout, think again. These are some of the fun things you can do with your friends on Zoom!

Practice the latest TikTok dance craze

At this point, anyone who says they haven't been on a TikTok video is probably lying. Let's face it, in a sea of negative news, repetitive isolation measures, and a never-ending cycle of struggling with a compelling new routine, a single scroll to the Gen Z- dominated app is quite a breath of fresh air. From crazy life hacks that leave even your parents amazed to fashion ideas that get you excited to go out again — there's something about TikTok that keeps the humor going in a difficult time. So go on, channel your inner Addison Rae and hop on Zoom with your friends to learn the latest dance craze. Who knows, it might even get viral!

Sing karaoke

Remember Karaoke nights at your favorite KTV bar when you belted out that unreachable Beyonce tune or danced your soul out in a Katy Perry song, without worrying whether the person next to you is wearing a mask or hasn't been in close contact with a COVID-positive person? Yup, it might sound like it happened ages ago, but the thing is, you don't need to have physical company to flex your Grammy award-winning skills! Forget your next shower concert, buy yourself a Bluetooth microphone and browse through YouTube for a Karaoke version of "Levitating", you and your friends have been on LSS for so long already! 

Take an imaginary trip

The list of canceled trips ever since the pandemic started must have broken your heart so many times that you can't even count. After all, you skipped on buying expensive coffee for a month to purchase a ticket to Paris and finally get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa painting up close. But fret not; the good news about facing a challenging time collectively as a society is that you're not alone in missing the beautiful things that traveling can bring. Invite your wanderlust friends over a Zoom call come early Sunday! Google Arts and Culture lets you in an experience like no other — virtual tours of over 600 museums all over the world. Yes, including the majestic Louvre Museum you've always dreamed of exploring with your BFF!

Do prank calls to others

Aha, the joy of a good time at the expense of others. You've probably pulled off countless pranks to your gullible and easy-to-fool friends pre-pandemic, and they probably heaved a long sigh of relief when lockdowns forced you to take off your naughty hat for an extended break finally. The joke's on them! Get outside help from your fellow mischievous friends to recreate your old pranking tricks to the innocents; they'll probably be caught more off-guard than usual! Physical ones might be risky for now, but don't worry, prank calls work just as fine for your naughty plan. Download the Ownage Prank Call App for a list of scripts to browse through with friends over Zoom, and use the Spoof Call App for a hilarious voice changer functionality and different caller ID! 

Organize your friends-only book club

Snooty as it may sound, the lockdown surely birthed different ways of coping per person, and it's undeniable that reading came out as one of the top stress relievers for many! The best thing about immersing yourself in a good book is the feeling of being in a different world from the one you're physically in, which, let's face it, can use some escaping on difficult days. Whether it's the latest Star Wars book release or a moving memoir taking center stage as your Book Of The Month, a friends-only book club lets you bond with your peers through a common interest, in the same way you would possibly do if you're back in the good, ol' non-Zoom hangout days!

If there's something the pandemic has taught us when it comes to friendships, it's to cherish every single moment spent with our friends. At a time of uncertainty when there's still no concrete timeline as to when we can regain these real-time moments, it's nice to look for alternative ways to recreate our usual friendship rituals, especially those that bring us to our happy place!


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