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    Uncategorized November 19th by tyler

    Five For Friday!

    Friday is bittersweet. You are either counting down the days until you punch out of work, or you’re stuck watching daytime TV until there’s something to do that night. I understand this, so instead of flipping between re-runs of Dr. Oz and your favorite Soap Operas (shh, I won’t tell) how about you check out some Ownage classics. A few Fridays a month I will randomly select five videos for you to check out and re-live. I’...

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    Uncategorized November 13th by tyler

    From The Vault: Crusty Doo Doo In Boxers Prank

    Way back in 2011, I debuted this Billy & Buk classic. This one has a special place in my heart because while it isn’t the first time my hillbilly voice made an appearance, it was one of the first calls where I became more comfortable with Billy and started giving him form and shape. However, as you’ll see Buk Lau was the real star of the show, haha. The fact that Billy set this up and Buk Lau followed up was hilarious, however, my absolute favorite part was when the manager started speaking in fake Mandarin. Watch it above and relive the hilariousness!